Tracking and transportation system

By working with the major international companies active in the consumer and professional electronics industry, A Novo Italia offers its customers a complete service, taking care of logistics and warehouse systems as well. In its large operating centre in Saronno, near Varese, located in a strategic area between the main road and railway arteries, the company carries out warehouse management and organises the distribution of products and spare parts for third-party accounts with precision and expertise.

Warehouse with product and stock management

stocking products

Third party stock account activity involves the use of dedicated spaces combined with a software system that allows individual products to be tracked in a very short time.

By doing so, it has the ability to activate the product replacement process for end users in a shorter time.

Distribution of products and spare parts

logistics services

Thanks to the centralised warehouse, A Novo Italia can handle the distribution, in Italy and abroad, of products and spare parts to the destinations requested by customers, like authorised centres or end users.

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